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Happy Birthday to the beautiful~ (ileftmyheartintokyo)

17 is an important age. It’s the transition from being a young lady into a blooming woman (Most say the age is 18, but I have a different opinion). I usually don’t make text posts, but this is a good day. You are one of my idols. You have a great sense of fashion, a passion for Japan, and a kind heart. You spend days here on Tumblr not only posting pictures for us to enjoy, but answering questions, and helping others out when they are in need. You don’t strike out against an anon when they are rude, you accept their opinion and state your own. I don’t know if this post is making any sense, but i’m just trying to sum you up (which is hard to do with such a great personality like yours). You are amazing, and you deserve the best birthday ever~ I hope you have a great day, and keep on smiling!



金曜日, 7月 27th, 2012

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